11 Times DJ Khaled’s Toddler, Asahd, Accomplished More Than I Ever Will


DJ Khaled is a legend. He produces great music, and he knows how to keep his fans entertained on Snapchat.

When his son, Asahd, was born, another legend immediately graced this earth. He’s all over the internet, just like his dad, and he’s pretty much the most hardworking baby in the world.

This baby is not even one year old, and he has done way more than I have!

Via Instagram

1. First, I don’t even know what business Asahd Tuck Khaled has at the New York Stock Exchange, but that just shows you how successful he is.


I love how his dad is holding him, too. Totally reminding me of Simba from The Lion King! So cute.
Via Instagram

2. If his dad is the DJ on a song, then of course Asahd is going to be on the cover.

Look how adorable he looks on the cover of the song “Wild Thoughts.” Loving all the flowers.

Via Instagram

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Written by PureFussTeam

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