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6 Different Types of Body Fat and How to Get Rid of Them

Obesity is gradually becoming an extremely important health issue all over the world. This has led to extensive research in this field in the last few years. Finally, scientists have been able to discover the 6 types of body fat present in the human body.

Check out the article below to know your group and the proper way to get rid of that body fat fast.

1. This study has been done by a Yorkshire health group and they have carried out an experiment on over 4,000 overweight people and have been able to categorise them into 6 different groups based which has been listed below.

a) Males who are drinkers – These men drink a lot of alcohol and have various health issues such as diabetes 2.
b) Young females – These young females had diabetes 2.
c) Middle aged ladies – These ladies have health and fitness problems.
d) Cheerful by physically sick elder people – These people are old and are perfectly fit mentally but suffer from health problems such as joint pain, common in elderly people.
e) Rich and healthy – These people have wealth and are normally healthy but suffer from tension and addiction.
f) Poor – These people don’t have much money left in the banks and suffer from various chronic disorders.

2. According to the study, Android and Gynoid are the two main types of body fat distribution that occur in human beings.

3. Android fat distribution

The name “Android” comes from the fact that this kind of fat distribution is more common in men than in women. Basically, the circumference of the waste is bigger than the hips. It is also frequently known as ‘apple’ body type

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