6 Signs She Is a Girl, Not a Woman. #5 Can Prove This Alone.

Girls and women are different. Don’t believe what I am saying? Then read the article below – you will be amazed,

The following is a list of top 6 signs which portrays the major differences between a girl and a woman.

1. Seeking attention

A girl will always try to find attention in some way or the other – maybe by wearing raunchy clothes, or posting many selfies on social media sites, or by hanging out with friends at clubs and parties. However, a woman rarely cares about popularity and attention; she wants that everyone should respect her.

2. Independent Woman

Girls might be greedy and ask you to buy her something or do something for her all the time. But women love to be independent; they can take care of themselves, are financially stable and will resort to seeking help from her friends when she is in real trouble.

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Written by PureFussTeam

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