7 Creepy Facts about Sleep

Sleep – everyone does it and everyone needs it. For most of us, it is a nice relaxing thing but to some people, it can be a nightmare( pun intended). For some people, sleep comes with hereditary diseases that are just plain frightening while others experience extremely common phenomenons. Here are just a few scary things that may happen while you sleep!

#1. Sleepwalking.

Sleep-walking isn’t just alarming for the victim but it is considered dangerous. There have actually been many deaths connected to sleepwalking.

When a person sleepwalks they have some to almost no control. Even if they do have control they do not consciously know they are sleepwalking. Since this is such a bizarre thing people have referred to it as zombie-like. A person actually does resemble a mindless zombie when they are sleepwalking

#2. Sleep Paralysis.

Around 7.6% of the general population has been diagnosed with sleep paralysis. If you have never heard of sleep paralysis before considering yourself lucky. Sleep paralysis is a temporary loss of muscle function. It typically occurs as a person is falling asleep, shortly after they have fallen asleep, or even while they are waking up!

People who suffer from it feel like they cannot move as their body is asleep and their mind is awake. This is a terrifying experience and many people fear going to sleep because of this condition.

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Written by PureFussTeam

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