7 Simple Ways to Figure Out That Someone Is Lying to You


In a day and age where truth can be misdiagnosed as fake and things that are fake can be construed to be the truth, we need to decipher the fact from the fiction. Whether it be in a murder mystery novel or watching mainstream media or even in our daily lives, it is important to differentiate who is telling us the truth and who is blatantly lying to our faces.

The American Psychological Association performed a study that showed that, on average, Americans tell approximately 11 lies per week.

Another study conducted in the Journal of Basic and Applied Social Psychology revealed that 60 percent of people can’t go 10 minutes without lying. Here are 7 simple ways to figure out if someone is lying to you.

1. The Devil is in The Details. According to Psychology Today, someone who is lying will leave out specific details. A truth teller will generally include details and tidbits in their stories because that’s how they perceived the situation to be. But a liar will leave our details and provide an incomplete account of an event. This also leads to inconsistencies in their stories as well as a difficulty to retell the story accurately.


2. Poor Eye Contact. Another way to tell if someone is lying is by gauging their eye contact. According to Wendy L. Patrick who is a career prosecutor as well as a behavioral expert: ‘If you are using visual behavior to gauge the credibility of someone you know, you will also have the benefit of a baseline. Some people, for example, will never look you in the eye. For others, every interaction is a stare down.’

Therefore, knowing the person’s baseline can be vital in finding out the truth. If someone is avoiding eye contact, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are lying.


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