7 Weird Things You Didn’t Realize Your Body Does

Our bodies are so amazing but we barely know much about them. We are studying human biology ever since we got into the school, but unfortunately never touched these aspects. The science has evolved so much and it is helping us understand human anatomy better than ever before. And trust us,  we say these things are weird but they will surely boost your confidence and love your body.

Here are seven weird things you didn’t know your body could do,

#7. Body scent is real.

You love newborn baby scent, don’t you? The scent keeps getting better as you grow up but turns otherwise during adolescence. It either remains the same or changes. As you grow older, the smell gets bad but it starts smelling good as you hit 60 years of age.

And that is why when you visit anyone’s home it smells. It is just a combination of body scents of people living there. Now you’d be wondering what about your home then? You live with the same people and your smell sensors are used to the scent, so you can’t smell it.

Yes, you human bodies have bioluminescence but sadly our eyes are too weak to see it. In a study by Japanese researchers at the Tohoku Institute of Technology in 2009, it was found that human bodies literally glitter but the light emitted is 1,000 times weaker than what our eyes can see.

Human illuminate throughout the day with cheeks, forehead, and neck glowing the most during late afternoon. You’d wonder how? That’s all very scientific but in simple terms, light is produced when free radicals are produced during interaction of proteins with free floating fat. The free radicals then interact with  fluorophores, creating a photon, and that’s how you light up. You’re lit, fam! 

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Written by PureFussTeam

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