70-Year-Old Woman Hasn’t Eaten Sugar for 28 Years and She Looks Ridiculously Good for It

Maybe this is just because I’m the child of two dentists and was denied candy and chocolate for most of my childhood, but I can’t think of anything that would seriously compel me to give up sugar for good. I’m serious. I think I would have an easier time forgoing almost anything else, be it nicotine, alcohol, sex, or sleep.

After all, dessert is what makes life worth living, and if you’ve got a serious sweet tooth as I have then it’s almost impossible to go without. I’ve always imagined that even if giving up sugar was actually the secret to eternal youth and immortality I still wouldn’t give the idea of kicking the habit a second thought.

But maybe instead of confectionary treats, I should be eating my own words instead. Because it turns out that giving up sugar might just be the secret to eternal youth after all! Forget botox, facials, and moisturizing cream – one extra hot septuagenarian has proven that banishing sugar from your diet and cutting out sweet stuff can keep your wrinkles at bay and preserve your youth and beauty well into retirement.
Carolyn Hartz gave up sugar nearly three decades ago in a bid to stay wrinkle-free and healthy. Needless to say, she hasn’t looked back since. She used to be addicted to sweets and chocolate, but after she made a drastic change to her sugar intake, her youthful looks were so noticeable that it was like she’d been preserved in stasis.

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Written by PureFussTeam

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