8 Lies We All Believe are True

Be it uniqueness of fingerprint or the natural color of teeth(hint: it isn’t white), we all have spent our lives believing in some of these myths thinking them to be truth. So tighten your seatbelt as we take you to the journey of awe, shock and surprise when we reveal to you 8 Things Everyone is Wrong About! Let’s get started.

#1. Brain Games Make you Smart.

A lot of us spend our leisure time playing those brain-training games. Thanks to skewed claims by brain-training games industry, we all are pretty convinced that playing those so-called logic-infused games actually make us smarter.

Scientists too wanted to know the answer. So they conducted a study and it turns out the claims these brain-game companies make are exaggerated and have little credibility. The study revealed that playing these brain-training games makes you better at just one thing – the game itself. So even if you feel you are getting better at the game, you perhaps aren’t getting better in the real life.

#2. Official Language of US.

Did you ever wonder what is the official language of United States ? A lot of us simply assumed it’s English, right ? but is it really ?

While English is the most common language spoken in United States, it really isn’t the official language. In fact, the constitution of US does not grant any language the status of Official Language.

There have been many attempts to push English as the official language, but the attempts have only succeeded at the state level. Some states like Hawaii have declared Hawaiian as official language, while a state like Alaska has granted 20 different languages the status of official language.

#3. Villains are Genius.

Over time the evil characters in movies have got more appreciation than even the lead hero, particularly because of the intellect and genius demonstrated by these villains of the silver screen.

But are evil characters of real life really a genius ? Does a typical serial killer really has a higher IQ than average? Well, the short answer is no!

Scientists conducted a study on over 2500 serial killers and learned that their average IQ was around 95. This puts them on the lower end of the spectrum. The average human IQ ranges from 90 to 110.

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