Baby Born Holding Coil That Was Supposed to Stop Mum Getting Pregnant

Sometimes what’s going to happen will happen anyway!

Does anyone recognize this coil?

This is not a coil; this is “the coil.” If you are still not getting there, let me tell you this is a special coil made to prevent pregnancy.

More specifically, we know this coil by the name of the IUS coil. This is the contraceptive device, which NHS claims to prevent 99.9 percent pregnancies.

The little baby you can see here is 0.1 percent from the total 100 percent probability of the pregnancy.

He came out of the womb of his mother holding the IUS coil in his hand. He showed the world that even a 0.1 percent chance is a chance we cannot deny. You can call it a miracle or you can call it science, it depends upon you. Now Dexter is here, in this world, with us and nothing is going to change that.

What do you think?

Written by PureFussTeam

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