Based On Your Zodiac, Here’s How Vulnerable You Are As A Girlfriend


Opening up to someone can be completely liberating and comfortable on a lot of levels. But, when you open up to someone completely you also tend to show them the side of you that no one has seen. The sad, hard and depressing side of you. Our vulnerabilities are visible to people in front of whom we have opened ourselves completely. These vulnerabilities are not just physical or situational, they also include the emotional insecurities and trauma that we go through. It can be very difficult to guess all of these from a distance so here are some signs that show how vulnerable you are according to the zodiac sign you belong to.



As an Aries, you are a headstrong woman who is always determined. But, if things don’t go as per your plan you get easily frustrated and annoyed. You are most likely to express yourself when you are frustrated, irritated or angry.


You are vulnerable when you have to open up and let your partner in. You are very possessive about your space and secretive about what you think. When you are in a relationship, you have a lot of trouble showing this side of you.


As a Gemini, you follow fun a lot. Which makes you focus less on your partner. Changing what you feel and your antics often leaves you vulnerable and uncertain on a lot of levels.


One of the biggest things that leave you vulnerable is the fear that you might lose your partner. You love them so ardently and intensely that you depend a lot on them. You love a lot and you fear that you might not have what you have today.


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Written by PureFussTeam

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