Do Your Feet Look Like Any of These? That Means You Have This Type of Personality

The act of reading palms has been prominent throughout history. It is thought to allow people to discover their destinies, but what people don’t know is that feet also have a similar role. The shape of your feet can actually be used to reveal interesting things about your personality. Below are 10 different foot types, all with their own unique attributes.

1. The Roman Foot

The “Roman foot” is the most common type of foot. The toes are proportionate and they are also all straight, with the big toe being the largest. People with this foot type tend to be very outgoing and sociable. They also tend to be very charismatic, so they make great public speakers and business people.

2. The Square Foot

When all toes are nearly identical in length, then the person is said to have a “square foot.” Also known as the “peasant foot,” this foot type is the most rectangular in appearance. People with this foot type have a tendency to be calm and calculated when making decisions. As a result of this, they are very reliable and practical.

3. The Greek Foot

Also known as the “flame foot,” the most distinctive feature for this foot type is the extended second toe (it is larger than the big toe). People with the Greek foot tend to be enthusiastic and motivating. The Greek foot is seen commonly on artists and athletes (representative of people who are creative and sporty), as well as public speakers and innovators.

4. The Stretched Foot

These feet have a rather thin appearance. This is due to the fact that the toes are squished together, lending to a lengthier and thinner looking foot. The big toe is generally the largest of all the toes and then the size tapers with each toe. People with this foot type tend to value privacy while also being secretive. On top of this, they can also be impulsive and have sudden mood changes.

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Written by PureFussTeam

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