Everyday Things Whose Purpose You Didn’t Know Before

We all see many things around us that we see daily but we really don’t know what is the use of these things, being a curious creature as we all human are, we want to know the purpose of these things around us to solve the mystery behind it.

The twist in the shirt

This loop is used to hang the shirt , some also say that it is from the time when there were removable ties and handkerchiefs so it used to fasten the tie.

Cylinder on the Laptop Charger

We all have seen a small cylinder in our laptop charger,it helps in reducing the high frequency noises of these electronic equipment , as we all know how annoying the circuits can be.

Hole in the plane window

We all know how different the inner environment and the outer one is in the plane, two different glasses are used, as the pressure is different, this glass is used to equal the pressure.

What do you think?

Written by PureFussTeam

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