Favorite TV characters that were only supposed to show up a few times (8 Photos)


Casting a tv show is a weird kind of alchemy, where you don’t know who’s really going to resonate with the audience, and how well they’ll perform. Sometimes, you’ll think someone is perfect, and they’ll stink up the joint. Other times, you’ll hire someone for a guest spot, and they’ll steal the show.

Frankly, I’m grateful that these guys were so awesome at their minor roles, because I can’t imagine these shows without the actors that played the characters.

Steve Urkel
Family Matters
When you think of this show, I bet you’d consider that Urkel was the star of the show, right? Not always. He was meant to be an annoying guest star and a source of conflict, but everyone loved him and it shot the ratings though the roof.

Tommy Oliver
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Tommy was only supposed to show up in the first season as a minor character, but instead, became the most important and prominent figure in the franchise. He’s had the most appearances as a ranger, as well as the most colour changes (Green, White, Red and Black).


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Written by PureFussTeam

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