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Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

The basic nature of Gemini is that he/she is intellectual in a lighthearted and frolicsome manner, whereas Scorpio has deep and profound perception of his thoughts. Gemini will often indulge into a variety of chit chat but on frivolous and perky topics. Scorpio is not going to like this as he/she loves to indulge in significant and thoughtful themes.

Gemini will find it tough to handle jealous tendencies of Scorpio erupting off and on. Scorpio will also have lot of hard time in dealing with enticing and beguiling ways of Gemini. Overall this compatibility will be not that sincere because Gemini and his fickle ways will make Scorpio irksome and infuriated. The natal charts of Gemini and Scorpio suggest that the disposition of these two natives is completely opposite. So it will be quite a miracle if they are ever going to get along. The only factor that seems to be going same in both the natives is their passion towards physical proximity. This is the only commonality between them. Scorpio will act in a sensual and passionate manner and Gemini will be fickle and superficial in his disposition. While Gemini will be very social and interactive, Scorpio will seek privacy and solitude.


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