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Girls Confessed About How Famous Celebrities Treated Them in Bed

Everyone wants to know about the secrets of their favourite Hollywood celebrities, and if you are one of them, you are in luck. Redditors have stated several secrets about many famous rock stars and celebrities, and you would be shocked to know behind their personality and charisma, they can actually be quite naughty sexually with their fans.

A Reddit user asked a question on AskReddit about girls who slept with celebrities and also how they think of them now. Surprisingly, there have been a lot of responses and all of them have been kind of mixed with some of them being normal to others getting completely insane!

1. Adam Sandler

This event occurred in 1992 when Adam Sandler slept with a girl who later became a Reddit user’s girlfriend. That user then wrote this story on Reddit.

2. Justin Bieber

Reddit user, mollym00n, said that she had a sexual encounter with Justin Bieber in Toronto in 2013. To be honest, it was actually an orgy or you could also consider it to be a g a n g b a n g, since there were guys besides Bieber. She also had to sign several legal documents and her phone was also confiscated.

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