Hilarious Things You Should Know About Women

Today’s topic is a little ironic, but as we all know, in every joke there is a part of…joke :). Many of these fun facts about women are a little exaggerated, but big part of them is, actually, true. Let’s look at 27 funny and weird things that, for some reason, turned into our very own girly habits:

1) We set our alarm for 10 minutes earlier than needed and oversleep anyway.

Via: Ebaumsworld

2) We always apply mascara with an open mouth and, if we ever attempt to shut it up, we always mess up and get that mascara stain.

3) We throw our phone into our big purse and then, spasmodically, look for it and can’t find it when it rings.

4) We always carry around our big purse full of stuff that we never use, but we always think that one day we might need it right there.

Via: Ebaumsworld

5) We arrange stuff into the right place and then, we forget where the right place was.

6) We look for our sunglasses when they are right on top of our heads.

Via: Ebaumsworld


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Written by PureFussTeam

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