How Each Zodiac Sign Prefers to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

When Valentine’s Day arrives, many of us wonder what to do to celebrate it and what gift to offer the one we love.

Whether the relationship is a week old or has gone on for what feels like a lifetime, it can still be a little perplexing wondering exactly what makes our partner tick. Not everyone is forthcoming when it comes to revealing their innermost desires.

Therefore, here is an alternative approach to gaining insight into someone’s Valentine’s preferences. By looking at their zodiac sign traits, we receive the opportunity to look from a slightly different angle and choose something that suits their characteristics without having to ask directly what they might want to do or receive.

Below is a Valentine’s Day guide for each zodiac sign:


Aries are possibly the least organized sign of the zodiac, therefore it is less about whether or not they actually want to do something for Valentine’s Day, and more about whether they take a break from their hectic schedule and get around to planning something. The same goes for buying gifts; they will likely have thought about what to purchase a million times over, but just won’t have taken the steps to actually get it.

Fortunately, Aries are spontaneous so they will likely arrange a passionate, fiery hot night and find the perfect gift right at the last minute.

Aries are the most competitive, adventurous, energetic, enthusiastic and passionate sign of the zodiac and they adore a partner who will keep up with their stamina and strength—both in the bedroom and outdoors.

A weekend break to explore a new city, or cooking delicious food over a campfire deep in the middle of a breathtaking forest are sure-fire ways to capture the heart of an Aries.

Aries like to receive a lot of reassurance, so on Valentine’s Day they appreciate anything that validates how much they mean to their partner, as it will soothe and calm their demanding heart.

Aries are the least materialistic sign, but for ideas on purchasing the right gift, think in terms of timesaving I inventions that will help them squeeze their chores and tasks into the shortest amount of time possible.

As they are also highly passionate and adore seducing their partner, a gift to enhance pleasure in the bedroom will always go over well.

Otherwise, Aries will appreciate tickets to watch a sporting event or an active, thrilling and challenging day participating in an adventurous pursuit, for example: motorcar racing, orienteering, archery, rock climbing, abseiling or basically any extreme sport that will push them to their limits and test their warrior-esque, competitive, fearless spirit.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, highlighting their desire for beauty, comfort, luxury and expensive possessions.

Sensuality is the only word required for Tauruses on Valentine’s Day—they are simple, understated but highly romantic and thoughtful.

Candlelight, softly playing music and nourishing food are all aphrodisiacs to a Taurus—and so is taking it slow and steady. They don’t like to be rushed along, so gentleness and tenderness are key ingredients for Valentine’s night.

Although Tauruses love luxury and to eat out at the finest restaurants, they are also homebodies who adore when their partner takes time to lovingly prepare and cook their favorite foods.

The type of gift a Taurus would appreciate is something that offers them an unforgettable experience that they can fondly look back on in the years to come. Therefore, tickets to their favorite theatre show accompanied with a hotel stay or something that adds a personal touch, for example, booking lessons or a class that will help to enhance their hobby or interest.

Tauruses appreciate quality more that quantity, so if the price is a determining factor, it is better to keep the gift small and expensive rather than large and cheap.


Geminis love to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional way, so fine dining with a bottle of champagne and neatly gift-wrapped tokens of love will impress their heart.

Communication is the Gemini’s forte. However, that’s only if they’re in the mood to talk, as they can be sulky and withdrawn if things don’t go their way.

If love is in the air for a Gemini, their ideal date will be somewhere where they can freely express themselves. Seducing a Gemini quite simply involves stimulating their mentally active mind with intellectual, fascinating and challenging conversation.

They like to be kept entertained and intrigued as they can be quite fickle and their attention span wanes when they get bored, making them easily distracted.

The least favorite subject they like to discuss is their emotions, which they tend to keep bottled up—until they fizz and unexpectedly explode, which can be either a positive or negative experience depending on which emotions spill out.

Geminis are charming and highly flirtatious, so they enjoy teasing and seducing their partner. A night exploring one another’s bodies and experimenting to discover new ways of physically communicating will be at the top of their list of perfect ways to spend Valentine’s Day list.

Geminis are also mischievous, playful, curious and imaginative, so a date infused with fun, fantasy and frolicking—whether in the bedroom or outdoors—is the ideal way to keep them smitten and their interest in love high.

As Geminis are ruled by their minds, the ideal gift for them would be the latest technological gadget that helps them to maintain organization and communicate freely with everyone in their lives. They are also avid readers, so an ebook reader loaded with a few engaging books could be a winner, or a CD to learn a new language of a country they are hoping to travel to or possibly a journal to detail their latest adventures and meticulously plan their future ones.


Cancer is in love with love, so even the smallest gesture on Valentine’s Day will be enough to sweep them off their feet. Handwritten love notes, home-baked, heart-shaped cookies or anything with an old-fashioned or traditional tone to it will be gratefully received.

They are sweet, kind, emotional, sensual, sensitive and extremely faithful lovers, which means that generally they just enjoy spending their quality time giving and receiving love.

Cancer is family oriented and homely, therefore, a handmade, artistic gift centered on their loved ones and something they can treasure and appreciate every day will be warmly received. Suggestions for a gift would be to frame a photograph of when their romance first began or to arrange to have their favorite quote inscribed on a plaque so that they can hang it on a wall.

The magic of Valentine’s Day will be felt for Cancers when nostalgia meets romance and a memory from the past has had a loving touch added to it.

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