How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast (Love Bite) – 10 Safe Ways

How to Get Rid of a Hickey (Love Bite) Fast.

There were times when many of us felt highly embarrassed to ask for a solution for certain things that are too personal. Many of us have refrained from asking others preferring to struggle over getting embarrassed. The scenario has changed today thanks to the advent of the Internet, a tool that has the solution for every problem irrespective of their size and nature.

The internet is so much abuzz with solutions for everything that one need not feel embarrassed at all but get the required solution on the click of a button. One such embarrassing problem for which we thought we would provide quick solutions is the Hickeys.

Hickeys are nothing but love bites caused by the heat of the moment during the foreplay or the real intercourse between a man and his woman. Hickey can be irritating and severe ones may even last for more than a week. Let us have a look at some of the ways to get rid of these hickeys.

How long does it for a hickey to go away?

It’s not as bad as you might think. Hickeys are like bruises and other minor scars, hickeys takes a little time to heal on their own. They usually take about a week or two to fade. There are a few methods that can help your hickey heal slightly faster. We go in brief details below on the different methods below to speed up the process of getting rid of a hickey.

1. Chilled spoon

This is one of the easiest and effective ways of getting relieved from the nagging pain caused by Hickeys. Keep a large spoon in the freezer and allow it to get cold. Remove the spoon from the freezer.

Place it on the hickeys entirely covering the same. Not covering portions of hickeys may make them look worse since the covered area gets treated properly.

Ensure you press the cold spoon well on the hickeys. Repeating this as many times as possible will help you get rid of hickeys quickly

2. Compress with Ice cubes or Ice bags

The chilling effect of ice cubes blocks the blood from flowing into hickey affected areas. This immediately avoids the area from getting swollen.

Another use of doing this ice treatment is that it prevents the blood from getting clotted in that particular area of Hickey making it look darker in color and bigger in size. When the clotting of blood is prevented right during the initial stages, the bite marks also get prevented from forming on the skin.

If the bite is severe, using ice bags will help stop the bleeding right at the beginning stage. If Ice cubes are unavailable for urgent use, Ice packs can be used for narrowing down the damaged capillaries which then takes control of the situation. If you can bear ice cubes directly on your skin, keep pressing them gently on the hickey. Else, wrap them in a clean towel and press the towel over the hickeys to get rid of them

3. How to get rid of a hickey with a coin

Hold a coin between your fingers and gently press on the surface of the hickey. This will help clear the blood clot formed around the area.

Don’t get bogged down if you see your skin turn red when it is gently rubbed with the coin. The reddishness will fade away in no time. This may be repeated as many times as possible and as long as the skin doesn’t get damaged.

4. Banana peels help get rid of Hickeys

The nutrient-rich Banana peels that contain Tryptophan and Potassium are also rich in fiber content. This nutrition present in Banana Peels efficiently cures love bites. Cut the Banana peel into the exact size of the hickey.

Place it on the hickey ensuring it fully covers the complete space.

Tighten it on the skin with a bandage and leave the same for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the bandage and Banana Peels after 15 minutes. Wipe gently with a clean cloth. Do this at least 4 to 5 times a day to get rid of the hickeys and the marks caused by them

5. Heat massage clears hickeys

Like the cold treatment, heat treatment also helps in removing the Hickey caused by love bites. Dip a clean towel in hot water and gently massage over the hickey that causes pain and irritation.

Alternatively, you can direct the hot air out of a hairdryer on the hickey and mildly rub the same with your fingertips simultaneously.

Heat applied in these ways on the Hickey enables a flow of fresh blood in the hickey affected areas by dilating the blood capillaries clearing the clots permanently. Repeat either of the methods as many times as possible and get rid of hickey caused by love bites.

6. Alcohol is also a good way to get rid of your annoying Hickey

One of the most popular choices preferred by many to remove hickey for many years now, this can be considered as a first aid kind of treatment.

The cooling effect alcohol possesses and the disinfectant properties it has cures hickey sooner than other methods. Another reason why Alcohol cures Hickey better than any other method in a quick manner is that of the anti-bacterial quality it gets from its ingredient Isopropyl which is otherwise known as Ethyl.

Take a medium-sized cotton ball. Dip it in Alcohol and gently rub on the hickey. Massage mildly for a minute or so. Clean the area gently with a clean cloth. Apply a quality skin-friendly moisturizer. Applying moisturizer after every massage using Alcohol is a must since Alcohol can cause damage to the skin

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