If You Hate The Sound Of People Chewing, Then You’re Probably A Genius


When someone is eating their food and they’re constantly making a sound while they chew, does it anger you? Do you get the sudden urge to scream out “can you chew quietly”? If you do, chances are that other annoying sounds along with the sound of chewing may get your blood boiling as well.

Those who suffer from this condition may be diagnosed with Misophonia. According to WebMD, Misophonia is when someone has a strong dislike for a certain noise. In other words, Misophonia is known as selective sound sensitivity syndrome and it starts with a trigger, WebMD adds. More often than not, this sound is oral. So it’s no surprise that many people hate the sound of people chewing.

But this condition may be a blessing in disguise. According to researchers from Northwestern University, those who are hypersensitive to certain sounds tend to be more creative than those who are not. Lead author of the study, Darya Zabelina, explains that the hypersensitivity to certain sounds could lead to increased creativity because the brain is processing more information than the average human does, which in turn widens their scope of attention.


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Written by PureFussTeam

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