Important Things To Note Before You Let The Woman Go On Top

Cowgirl, riding, ‘my favorite position.’ Call it what you want. The position in which the woman is on top while the man or partner lies on their back or sits during intercourse is one of the most popular sex positions out there.

If you are thinking of exploring the cowgirl or already consider yourself an expert, it isn’t a bad idea. However, you should learn more about its pros and cons.

#1 Control

There are so many different positions when getting into bed. Letting the woman stay on top is proven to be one of the best, its enjoyable for both parties and its a great time. Here are some important things to note before you let the woman stay on top..

On the other hand, some experts have dubbed it the ‘most dangerous sex position,’ because it also puts men in a vulnerable position, one that could lead to penile fracture.

Most women love to be in control whether its in real life or in the bed. They love to get on top and get the work done. It allows her to pleasure herself as well as stay in control.

#2 Poll

In 2014, staff at Women’s Health Magazine asked over 800 men what their favorite position was. The cowgirl came in second, right after doggy-style. Although the ranks change with each poll, the cowgirl continues to rank high.

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