INTERESTING: What Your Thumb Reveals About You…I was shocked.

Take a look at your thumb and then read on to see what your thumb says about your personality.

Which Thumb Is Yours?

Look at your knuckle joint and choose the picture that most closely resembles your thumb.

Thumb A

You are a faithful lover, often fall head over heels, and can be obsessive. This may cause you to neglect school or work and call your lover too often. Try to be careful with that.

Thumb B

You’re a planner and have specific ways of doing things, helping you to achieve your goals. In love, you are objective and don’t get carried away with your emotions. You don’t move too fast in pursuing a relationship which can somtimes leave you ambiguous.

Thumb C

You are trustworthy and reliable with good observations skills. In love, you tend to restrain yourself and can sometimes miss out on an opportunity.

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Written by PureFussTeam

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