Is Your Tongue White? You May Need To Hit The Emergency Room In The Hospital Immediately.

We all know that sticking your tongue in a public place is one of the non ethical things anyone could do, but also we need to take a look and see our tongue every now and then that is is healthy , is it pink? if you are having those small little rough bumps then dont worry about it as that’s totally normal,just beware of any other symptoms that may show many health issues.

How a healthy tongue should look.
Our tongue doesn’t only show how our oral health is but it also shows our overall body health, are we healthy or not.A healthy tongue is always pink and filled with a rough texture little bumps covered all over it.Whenever a person brushes their teeth they should also brush their tongue.


White tongue and white spots
No need to worry about it as it’s an indication that you have bacteria and through a good oral hygiene plan you get rid o it. however if it was paining then you need to visit the nearest doctor.

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Written by PureFussTeam

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