Johnny Depp Has A Doppelgänger From Centuries Ago And All These Other ‘Undead’ Celebs Do Too!

Reincarnation has scored another point thanks to these creepy images of celebrities and their twins — who all happen to have died hundreds of years ago.

Maybe there are only so many kinds of face to go around since there are currently 7 billion of them on the planet. Or maybe Nicolas Cage is an ancient vampiric beast that is cursed to live forever on the blood of innocents. Have a look at the images below and see which theory seems more reasonable to you!

#1 Rupert Grint And Sir David Wilkie

I told you not to mess with that time-turner, Ron!

#2 Orlando Bloom And Nicolae Grigorescu

I knew Orlando’s haircut looked a bit outdated, but this is just ridiculous!

#3 Keanu Reeves And Paul Mounet

Keanu Reeve’s and Paul Mounet share a face and a profession, but Mounet just happened to be a medical doctor as well as an actor. Sry Reeves, you were good in The Matrix and all, but you’ve been totally one-upped!

Talk about blast from the past…

#4 Bruce Willis And General Douglas MacArthur

Bruce Willis is no stranger to warring with directors and co-stars, so General Douglas MacArthur is a somewhat appropriate doppelgänger.

What do you think?

Written by PureFussTeam

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