Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly “Overwhelmed” And Struggling With Motherhood

Kylie Jenner has only been a mother for a little over two weeks and already she is having trouble. While becoming a first-time mom is difficult, usually the mothering instinct kicks in and new parents find the strength to really become hands-on.

Not Kylie! Sources close to her told Radar Online that she doesn’t know how to stop baby Stormi from crying and just hands her off to her nanny. Sources say Kylie has become preoccupied with losing the baby weight and has not become the hands-on mother she claimed she wanted to be.

To be fair, it doesn’t look like Kylie is getting much support from her family or baby daddy. The Kardashian family is always busy and now most of the siblings have babies of their own to look after. Plus, Travis Scott, little Stormi’s father, doesn’t seem to be pulling his weight.

Rumors spread that Kylie and Travis had split, but after a loved-up picture of the pair was posted to social media, rumors were put to rest. However, those close to Kylie say Travis isn’t ready to settle down and that his career always comes first, even over his family.

“Kylie does not know who to turn to because her family is so busy and Travis isn’t holding up his end of the bargain at all, no matter what he says. She literally does not know what to do when Stormi won’t stop crying, so her best solution is to tell her nanny to just take care of it,” reveals the source.

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