Lady Warns About Dangerous ‘Ordinary’ Habit That Caused A Hole On Her Nose


It is simply unbelievable how much harm this habit did to this girl.

Yes, we all have some bad habits we would love to break, but it is often difficult for us to do so. Still, a woman from Tennessee wants to warn everyone retelling how this common and ordinary habit of hers left her with a hole in her face.


This woman’s name is Jade Thrasher. She is a nurse, and she is married to the love of her life, Matthew. Still, she was addicted to a habit that almost cost her life. Her father, Charles, was the first to notice a weird sore forming on her nose that turned this young woman’s life upside down.

Lady Warns About Dangerous ‘Ordinary’ Habit That Caused A Hole In Her Face

As the Daily Mail reports, Jade wanted to be tanned and felt pressured to achieve that. After all, she was just one of the many who wanted to be bronzed. In Nashville, the place she live in, being pale was seen as unattractive.


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