Meet The African Kim Kardashian Who Has A 60-Inch Butt Without The Help Of Surgery


Eudoxie, who also goes by Queen Eudoxie, often wears very tight and revealing clothing including skinny jeans, daisy dukes, and lycra dresses.

She often buys clothes in ultra-small sizes so that they reveal even more of her body than they would have done otherwise. She will also customize clothing items to make them even skimpier and sexier.

“I wear a lot of stretchy clothes. I don’t know what my clothes size is,” she revealed. “When I buy clothes, I don’t like clothes that are too big. I like smaller clothes! I like smaller clothes. I like tight fitting clothes, if they’re not, I’ll snip them.”


Eudoxie uses her Instagram page to show off very titillating photos of herself in bikinis and panties. She also receives requests to appear at events in her hometown.

Eudoxie has noticed that her fanbase has spilled out of the confines of social media and now when she leaves her house, her fans stop her to ask for a selfie.

“Now I’m a conversation topic. I go to countries and fans treat me like an artist. I’ve become a celebrity. Sometimes I present shows as a hostess,” she continued.

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