Mom Comes Home To Find Giant Blisters All Over Baby’s Feet. That’s When She Discovers Babysitter’s Dark Secret

Are You Lying?


After being brave enough to lie in her face, Jsmelda knew she was going to be in major trouble with the law. The mom knew she was the one who did it, so she called 911 and immediately reported the alleged abuse. We’re shocked she didn’t burn the babysitters feet out of anger!

This Story Has Caused Major Outrage Online


“I can’t..its disgusting all I’m reading is caretakers doing horrible things to helpless innocent kids. I’m so thankful for my family being able to care for my infant son,” one new mom commented about the story.

“Hey babysitters and childcare providers. If working around children upsets you then simply do NOT work around children,” a man wrote.

Be Careful With Nannies


Many parents are rethinking hiring babysitters they don’t personally know, because they’re more prone to abuse the child out of frustration and anger. “I would’ve had more money and probably would’ve been more respected now, but I raised my children myself. Thank you God,” one mom wrote.

“Thats why i never trust no idiot taking care of my baby . Only his grandma…,” another commenter added.

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