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Nature’s 8 Bizarre Bodyguards You Didn’t Know Until Now!

Most people don’t know that nature provides several bodyguards such as blushing and itching, and have no idea what are their individual functions.

Ever wondered why wrinkles over your fingertips when you soak them for a long time in the water? Those are used to help grip the slippery surface better.

This discovery was recently made by researchers at Newcastle University and soon scientists from all over the world became curious about the other seemingly useless phenomenon occurring within our bodies.

However, remember that we are the product of millions of years of evolution and almost every organ in our body works in the most optimized way possible.

Check below the other bodyguards present in our bodies.

1. Itching

Itching has puzzled scientists for several decades but there is still no definite answer behind its occurrence.

Dr. Zhou-Feng Chen from Washington University School of Medicine Pain Centre believes he has the solution. He thinks it is a form of perception. One can compare this to the whiskers present in a cat.

The brain senses that something isn’t right in a particular part of the body from signals sent by the skin and it then sends a response for itching. This can temporarily solve the problem but if it is an infection, then itching for a prolonged period of time can cause more damage too.


2. Goosebumps

Goosebumps are small pimples that appear when we feel cold. But what is the reason begins their appearance?

Turns out they can actually keep away the cold; they provide a lot of heat within a short period of time. Muscles contract causing goosebumps, which prevent loss of heat.

3. Sweat

Almost everyone knows why we sweat; it helps in keeping our bodies cool during the summer.

In fact, without sweating, people living in hotter countries could suffer heat strokes and even die during extremely hot days.

The Journal of Applied Physiology reports that there are around 2 million sweat glands on our body.

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