New Studies Suggest That Husbands Stress Women Twice As Much As Children

One would think that work or children would be the main cause of women getting stressed over but that is not true. According to a recent study it is the husbands that actually stress women out more than either work or children!

How to Solve This Problem?

The most crucial thing in a marriage is the need for support.

When the flurry of parenthood starts, it can be all too easy to let things go unsaid and to ‘soldier’ on in the relationship. If you want to have a more balanced marriage where you share the load, opposed to carry it alone, there are a few things you can do to help.


Whenever you feel like there is an issue that needs to be addressed, talk things through with your partner.Try to find a solution to the problem without judging each other.

Husbands Step Up

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Don’t assume that your wife has it all covered, ask her if she needs help and make an effort to do your bit with the children.Yes,that means helping to plan events, doctors appointments and everything in between.

Wives Step Back

As mentioned before, some wives do not trust their partner to help out with parenting duties, but if you want to alleviate your stress,you are just going to have to let your husband take the load off of your shoulders.

If you need help, let him help you.Though you might have a fantastic vision for your family that you want to execute, you need to step back and make some time for yourself so you can re-charge.

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