Newborn Twin Boys Won’t Stop Crying Unless They’re Touching

Twins sure are something special, just ask Dane and Lisa Lyman. The couple shares two daughters together and one set of infant twins boys. Their twins, Weston and Caleb were barely a month old when a video of them went viral on the internet. Prepare yourself, it’s more adorable than you can even imagine.

The boys were born four weeks early on February 28th. Despite being premature, they were both healthy and had a smooth delivery. A little over a month following their birth, Dane decided to share an intimate video that he had taken of them moments after they were born. “Feeling quite grateful this Easter Sunday. 5 weeks ago our twin boys Weston and Caleb joined the club. Shortly after delivery, I captured this sweet video of them comforting each other,’ he said in the Facebook post.

The heartwarming moment shows the newborns being attended to by medical staff. Laying side by side touching, they become quite unhappy when a nurse begins to remove one brother from the other. The newborns begin to cry hysterically. It’s not until the nurse once again places them next to each other, cheek-to-cheek, that they calm down immediately. I guess an entire gestational period together just wasn’t enough brotherly bonding for these two cuties.

Dane, a medical student at the University of Central Florida spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about sharing the heartwarming exchange with his wife, “Lisa wasn’t able to see that and didn’t even know it was happening. When I showed her, she was emotional and grateful I captured that moment. We both still tear up when we watch it,” he said. The video has been viewed on Facebook more than 115,000 times.

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