Nurses Share Heart-Breaking Stories Of What Happens To Babies Who Survive Abortions


Whether you’re for or against abortion, it’s a woman’s legal choice to decide having one if it’s right for her. But no matter what side of this controversial issue you’re on, or how advanced we think we are when it comes to modern medicine, there are a lot of grim, deeply sad and troubling aspects surrounding abortions. Sadly, some of these babies are still born alive during an abortion procedure, but instead of helping them out by giving them medical care, the nurses are tied by many hospital’s policies to let these babies die, sometimes, even having the abortionist has to take it upon themselves to kill them. Let’s explore these unbelievable stories of the nurses who’ve seen it all, perhaps, more than they signed up for.

Nurse Kathleen Malloy, from Jacksonville, Florida, has seen more than her human eyes could take.

She talks about the time she witnessed a baby survive a botched saline abortion procedure in which the baby survived. “I worked the 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift, and when we weren’t busy, I’d go out to help with the newborns. One night I saw a bassinet outside the nursery. There was a baby in this bassinet – a crying, perfectly formed baby – but there was a difference in this child. She had been scalded. She was the child of a saline abortion.”

Nurse Malloy describes how the little girl looked as if she’d been under boiling water.

Instead of easing the pain and helping out the child who survived this procedure, the nurses and doctors allowed the baby to die painfully. No one even covered her body. She said, “I was ashamed of my profession that night! It’s hard to believe this can happen in our modern hospitals, but it does. It happens all the time. I thought a hospital was a place to heal the sick – not a place to kill.”

Nurse Malloy
asked other nurses about how other hospitals manage these cases. Their responses shocked her to her very core.

Instead of leaving the baby to die on its own, they resort to other means that guarantee the child would die faster, but still just as painfully. “Their hospital puts the infant in a bucket and puts the lid on. Suffocation! Death by suffocation!”


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