Pictures Of Famous Women With And Without Makeup

Women in Hollywood have an unlimited supply of beauty specialists, makeup artists, hair stylists and Photoshop to keep them looking gorgeous forever. Flipping through photos in magazines, seeing retouched photos of gorgeous celebrities can do a lot to our self-esteem. Luckily, we’ve seen a shift lately in the way that celebrities are portraying themselves on their own social media.

Famous women have been empowering themselves and others by sharing photos of themselves makeup-free. While many aspects of their lives aren’t relatable to us, there are a few that are, like taking care of a family or running errands. Wearing makeup just isn’t practical every minute of our lives and the following famous women have proved that in their Instagram posts.

Check out these 24 female celebrities who look incredible dolled-up, but aren’t afraid to show us who they are underneath it all.

1. Drew Barrymore: On her Instagram page, Ms. Barrymore has absolutely no shame in posting makeup-free selfies, and why should she? She’s beautiful. She’s a self-proclaimed beauty junkie and likes getting dolled up, but as a busy mom, also doesn’t mind going out all natural.

Anna Kendrick: When she spoke to New York Times, she revealed she’s not a huge fan of fancy spa services. However, she does like a good facial now and again. She also “reluctantly” tries to take care of herself, she joked, by working out and drinking green juice.

Anne Hathaway: She embraces her natural beauty, always being snapped by the paparazzi running errands without a stitch of makeup on. She always looks stunning on the red carpet, all glammed up, but knows when it’s time to dress down and isn’t ashamed to look plain.

Eva Longoria: This 42-year-old has always been admired for her youthful appearance. Her secret? Going makeup free whenever she can. “People think the trick to looking younger is makeup, but it’s skin-care,” she told Allure. “If you don’t have good skin, piling on makeup just makes you look older and much worse.”

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