She Hides Under the Bed to See if Her Boyfriend is Loyal. She is Shocked by What Happens.

Girls dream of a prince charming someone who spoils them, they love someone who would wake them up by preparing breakfast in bed, give them flowers every week, and in many relationships, this happens, but once this stops, they get worried, why did it stop? is there something else? your mind keeps wandering and you need to be straight forward and confront them.

She falls in love with a man who was not only madly in love with her but also made her laugh and was quite romantic.


Their family and friends saw how they were crazy about each other, and they thought he would ask for marriage soon because he used to be more excited than her for every meeting.


Well these happy feelings didn’t last a lot, he started to be a lonely less talking person and she noticed this change, confronted him and he refused to say that he is fine.

What do you think?

Written by PureFussTeam

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