Tell Us What Month You Were Born in, and We Will Tell You How Good You are in Bed


Have you ever wondered about your performance in bed? Many may say that it is due to your personality or your zodiacal sign. Today we are going to share how your tastes and preferences could also be related to the month in which you were born.

The date of birth tells a lot about the person, and one of the characteristics that most attract us is the personality that we let out in privacy. Next we will share how each person is at the time of “doing it” according to the month in which he was born. After reading, comment on how well you thought it was.


Undoubtedly those born in January are the most conservative lovers and also the most romantic and retail. A January person will not give you intense and crazy sex, but will care about satisfying all your emotional needs.


They enjoy sex with new people, as long as there is some kind of connection, because they do not like to fall into the superficial. In bed they are intense and very delivered, although they can also be a bit indifferent if the couple is not interesting enough.

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Written by PureFussTeam

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