The Length Of Your Index Finger Reveals Something Fascinating About Your Personality


We know of all the quizzes out there that will claim to know your best personality trait based on the color of your hair. Some try to guess your biggest fear based on what nail polish color you’re wearing. Today, however, we’re bringing you one backed by a scientific study published by Oxford Academic, no less.

According to the research, your ring finger can give you a pretty accurate rundown of your personality. It can indicate certain attributes about you. The length of your finger reveals the level of testosterone that you were exposed to in the womb.

Honestly, we know it sounds superstitious and a little wonky, but try it anyway and you may be pleasantly surprised. Note: many factors contribute to your personality, so if you relate to only some of the descriptions (or none at all), that’s entirely normal.


To begin, straighten out your hand—left for males, right for females—and look at your fingers. Pay attention to the lengths of your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger and compare them.


George Hodan

In the first image, the index finger is longer than the ring finger. In the second image, the ring finger is longer than the index finger. In the third image, the index finger and ring finger are the same lengths.

finger 2

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Written by PureFussTeam

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