The Most Ignored Signs of Ovarian Cysts and How to Prevent Them

Ovarian Cysts is a nightmare for ladies who are sexually active and little did we know that a part of your body that is responsible for reproducing will cause your body such issues.As we know these Cysts are fluids on the ovaries of the women.

We must know that almost every woman in her lifetime has faced this issue, as you may never know cause they don’t cause any pain,we must know that every woman may have it after getting her periods on her ovaries but she might never know unless the size of it changes and increases into a bigger one. If not treated it can cause cancer and become more huge around 2cm or even larger.


Women have two ovaries, the function of these ovaries is to fertilize the eggs that help in making a baby. There is a follicle in which there is the fluid that makes the egg and then it vanishes and shrinks again, but at times it won’t release the fluid, and the egg is stuck.

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