The Secrets Behind Our Five All-Time Favorite Magic Tricks

A magic show is the best way to keep viewers happy enthralled and excited. Sometimes, we can,t understand the tricks behind. “The real magic wand is the child’s own mind.” Magic shows are always fun to watch, especially for children who view the world with open minds and overwhelming imagination. We are showing you a wide variety of tricks behind magic shows that tickle the minds of people, regardless of their age.

This is a classic magic trick performed at almost all the magic shows. This illusion can be performed in two ways. You need a 35cm high boxes, 20cm high mobile platform. When a female assistant enters the bottom box, she stands on top of the spring-operated hatch. The hatch opens into an empty compartment, located in the mobile platform. As the magician shuts all boxes’, the girl slips down through the hatch and sits cross-legged inside the platform’s inner compartment. Each of the upper three boxes has two openings, one real and the other fake. When the boxes are stacked on top of each other, the real openings form a human-sized door. On the other hand, the false openings are designed to reveal niches only 5 cm deep. Inside each of these niches are mannequin parts, which correspond to various parts of the real girl’s torso and sport the segments of the same outfit the real assistant is wearing. When performance commences, the magician shuffles the boxes. This is done to confuse the audience. When the magician finally proceeds to open the boxes, the audience sees a mixed-up version of the assistant’s torso. We’re talking about mannequin parts, located inside false openings!

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