The Way You Hug Your Partner Says A Lot About The Relationship

When someone is in relation there are many physical affection ways that you show your partner about the affection and care you have for your partner.We may not know much or be expert at something but there are few signs that tell a lot about your partner and how they feel about you, like for example the way they hug you or you hug them.

Dead Lock

When you hug your partner tight and make them feel like you are their world and that you don’t want to lose your partner. When you hug your partner tight hug it means that you miss them so much that you want to make them feel that feeling.

Lower body hug

When you see your partner giving you a hug by hugging your lower body apart and maintaining a distance it means that a person is giving you a warning, that they are hiding something that you did and it pissed them off, so by this they want you to realize.

Legs on the waist

People who hug like this means that there love life is passionate and they are really madly in love and their sexual life and bed life is really active.

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Written by PureFussTeam

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