Things happen to your body when you eat two eggs a day. I’d have never believed No. 3

Growing up a child we all heard how eggs are not that healthy and we should eat it in minimum amounts as if you eat a huge amount of it you will end up having high levels of Cholesterol but that is all old school, we brought you a new study that proves the opposite that eggs are the reason to make your cholesterol level low.

The amount of Cholesterol that one egg has is 400 mg, which is a big amount but don’t worry as when we intake a big amount our bodies slow down the consumption of it. When a study was done on few people to test if eggs affect their Cholesterol level, after weeks of the study she saw that there was no change in their Cholesterol level and everything was normal.


There is 0.7 mcg of folic acid in one egg, When you are pregnant your body needs B9 as its one of the essentials, the lack of folic acids creates several problems for the baby like having the spinal cord twisted.

Eating eggs also help in cell reinforcement which helps in staying young, as these eggs have carotenoids which contains natural yellow colors that help in staying young.

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Written by PureFussTeam

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