This Guy Drank 10 Cokes A Day For A Month, The Results Will Horrify You

Coca-Cola: A terrible plight on our health, or a nice treat from time to time? It depends on moderation, but Coke has been known to have some adverse effects.

Recently, 50-year-old father of two George Prior decided to try an experiment showing the potential dangers 0f overindulging in sugary beverages. He drank 10 Cokes a day for 30 days and blogged the results along the way. His body absolutely transformed inside and out.

While “10 Cokes a day” seems like an impossible number to most of us, Prior is quick to remind us that the amount of sugars found in Coca-Cola can also be found in teas, sports drinks, juices, and certain coffee drinks. Maybe you’re not drinking 10 actual soft drinks each day, but the same quantity of sugar may sneak in through other beverages.

Meet George Prior
He didn’t make any changes in his diet, the only thing he added was 10 cokes.


He was weighing 168 pounds before the start of this experiment, then he gradually starts gaining weight.

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Written by PureFussTeam

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