This Woman Removed Her Mask After 2 Years… Her Photos Will Leave You Speechless

It was the very late night of February 16, 2012, in Western Australia. When Dana Vulinhad was watching her fav serial and when she was startled awake by a woman’s voice saying, “Hello Dana.” The voice was of Natalie Dimitrovska, the beloved wife of a man Dana had met 6 weeks earlier at a New Year’s Eve party.

Human fireball
What that lady did was cruel, she threw methylated spirits, lit a match, and tossed it on her face. The sofa Dana was sitting on and Dana herself went up in flames.“I was pretty much instantly on fire,” Dana recalled in court. I was a human fireball. The moment I was on fire, [Natalie] just laughed and ran out of my apartment.”


Over 30 Surgical Procedures
Because of this jealous freak, Dana got third-degree burns, she went through more than 30 surgeries to cure her burnt face and through many psychological and physical pain. She was advised by the surgeons to wear a pressure mask all the time.

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Written by PureFussTeam

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