Top 8 Ways Your Body Is Telling That It Is Low On Essential Vitamins

Having a well-balanced and nutritious diet can provide your body with many health benefits. But with every balanced and nutritious diet, there is always someone who has a diet that is lacking certain nutrients. This can cause some unpleasant symptoms.

We tend to get frustrated when these symptoms occur, but this is the only way your body can communicate that you have certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies. By recognizing them, you’ll be able to rectify your diet accordingly.

If your body has low vitamins, you will experience the following signs/symptoms based on the vitamin you are lacking.

Brittle Hair and Nails: One of the main vitamin deficiencies that can cause brittle hair and nails is biotin deficiency. According to the National Academics of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, individuals who constantly consume raw egg whites over long periods of time can become biotin deficient. One of the main reasons why consuming raw egg whites for long periods of time can cause biotin deficiency is because it contains the substance avidin. Avidin is a binding protein of biotin, which means when it’s consumed, it reduces biotin absorption. One study they mentioned that was from the book Present Knowledge In Nutrition explained that adults who were consuming raw eggs for months experienced hair thinning, loss of hair and brittle nails when they consumed too much raw egg whites.


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Written by PureFussTeam

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