Try These Fun Science Experiments With Your Kids

Science is not boring at all when it can be hands-on and interactive! If your kids are fed up with learning from a textbook, show them these cool science experiments so that they can learn by seeing and doing instead. They will be having so much fun that they will forget it’s educational!

All you need for this one is two balloons, a candle, some matches, and some water. You can fill one balloon with just air and show the kids that it will pop if you hold it close to the candle. Then, fill the second balloon with water and hold it over the candle..

Fill a polyethylene bag with water and then use pencils to pierce it. If you piece the bag with pencils after it is filled with water it will not leak, because when polyethylene is broken the molecules move closer together. This makes them tighten around

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Written by PureFussTeam

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