What Your Foot Shape Tells About Your Personality

The Egyptian foot
The Egyptian foot are usually long, narrow feet with toes that go down exactly in length from the big toe to the little toe . The narrow Egyptian foot have the personality of royalty and are born to be taken care of. They require beauty in their surroundings. These people mostly have mood swings.


The Roman foot
The people with Roman feet have the first three toes being of equal length and the last two slightly shorter than first three and each other. People with such feet are generally sociable and friendly and are said to be busy go-and-doers rather than those who sit about.


The Greek foot
Greek feet have second toe larger than big toe and other toes decrease in length in stair-step formation. This creates an inverted “V” shape at front of the foot. Owners of this foot type are usually artistic and emotional. It often occurs in athletes. this foot shape represent someone who is active, sporty and creative, and think about new ideas and other people.

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Written by PureFussTeam

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