What Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health? Better Check Yours Now

Food plays an important role in our life. While many of us eat food to live some of us live to eat food. If the food eaten is tasty and delicious who would want to stay away from eating. In fact, some foods have a mesmerizing effect on our mind that we repeatedly eat them even throughout our lifetime. It is our tongue that needs to be credited for all the wonderful tastes we experience. The taste buds in the tongue make us feel the taste of the food. Tongue not only makes us enjoy the food we eat through the taste buds but also can reveal about our health condition at all times. Ensure you pay complete attention to your tongue every now and then. Your tongue can reveal a lot about you, in fact much more than you think.

1. If your tongue is Strawberry Red in color

Basically, to have normal Papillae on the surface of the tongue, the body must be rich in Vitamin B12. Any deficiency in Vitamin B12 makes the tongue lose these Papillae giving it a smooth look. Losing Papillae causes pain and burning sensation when hot and spicy foods are eaten since the raw tongue gets exposed. While non-vegetarian eaters get compensated with Vitamin B12 eating meats of certain types, vegetarians are prone to Vitamin B12 deficiency. Vegetarians who happen to notice a strawberry red tongue must seek medical advice on the supplements to be taken to get rid of the condition. Beware this condition can also be caused when the GI Tract suffers from an autoimmune disease where the vitamins do not get absorbed by the stomach.

2. Brown or Black Fuzz on the surface of the tongue

The small bumps that appear on the top portion of our tongue constantly grow till our lifetime. However, people having a tongue that is covered with Black or Brown fuzz needs to take care of their oral hygiene in a better manner though this is not a pointer to any sort of chronic ailment. When we eat food or drink liquids, Papillae get automatically worn out due to regular usage. They keep growing on the worn-out areas. However, when Papillae overgrow in size sometimes due to improper or insufficient oral hygiene habits, they tend to foster bacteria making them appear discolored and ugly. This also brings bad breath as an extra detriment. People who smoke must stop smoking to get rid of this problem. Non-smokers must ensure they practice habits that complement oral hygiene. Regularly cleaning the tongue with the tongue scraper will help people overcome this problem.

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