Which Banana Would You Eat? Your Answer May Have An Effect On Your Health

Banana lovers don’t fool around when it comes to how they like the ripeness of their favorite fruit. Some prefer to stick to the under-ripe green bananas, while others like their overripe bananas that are almost completely brown. While taste is a factor to consider when choosing what color bananas you like, so is your health.

Bananas are a healthy choice all around. According to writer Adda Bjarnadottir, MS for Authority Nutrition, they can benefit our digestion, heart health and promote weight loss. They deliver high amounts of potassium along with other vitamins and nutrients required to keep us healthy. Interestingly enough, each banana coloration comes with its own set of health benefits.

Green Bananas contain resistant starch. According to registered dietitian Jill Corleone this type of starch acts more like a fiber in your body. “Resistant starch in your diet, like the green banana, may reduce your risk of diabetes by aiding in blood sugar control, and heart disease by helping to lower blood cholesterol levels,” she wrote in an article for Livestrong. Their high fiber content means younger bananas keep you full for longer. This helps your appetite stay in check thus promoting weight loss. Under-ripe bananas are also very low on the glycemic index making them an ideal snack for those who need to control their blood sugar levels.

Yellow, firm bananas contain antioxidants that protect our bodies from various illnesses. Bjarnadottir noted one antioxidant present is dopamine, which reduces the risk of heart disease as well as degenerative diseases. She said while dopamine is usually known to act as a feel-good chemical in the brain, you won’t get that from eating a banana, unfortunately. “Dopamine from bananas does not cross the blood-brain barrier. It simply acts as a strong antioxidant instead of altering hormones or mood,” she wrote. Bananas contain more sugar as they age, and so yellow bananas are on the sweeter side.


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