Why You Should Never Let Anyone Kiss Your Baby on the Lips

The seasonal outbreak of flu and many other infections are usual happenings common to all countries spread across the World. The increase in the number of flu cases and new types of flu has been the cause of concern prevailing in the medical industry as well as among the patients. A new type of illness which is referred to as Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is on the rise along with the other types of Flu. 

RSV is not new to humans and many of the parents have been aware of this for many years now. There is still a portion of parents who might not even have heard of this flu. If we put it in a simple manner even such ignorant parents will be able to correlate this to their experience and understand what RSV is all about

The virus that causes RSV is the same one that causes the highly common cold infecting children when they are 2 years of age. The reason why many parents are ignorant of RSV virus is that it causes symptoms that are usually caused by common cold. It gradually gets better over the period of time. So, most of the parents consider this as a normal cold never suspecting it for a Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

Only when a very little percentage of children get affected by Bronchiolitis do parents start suspecting that the infection is something more than the common cold. Bronchiolitis is basically an inflammation caused in the air passages of the lungs which are tiny in space. Young aged children and babies are prone to get affected by this type of inflammation. Among the children who get affected by this inflammation, significant issues are caused in a little chunk of children.

In particular, newborn babies and premature babies tend to face high levels of risk when Respiratory Syncytial Virus affects their lungs. The danger that such young ones has when their lungs get infected with Respiratory Syncytial Virus is that bronchial issues and Pneumonia sets in easily in them putting their very living at stake.

RSV is not new to adults also. It has been affecting people for many years now and is of a recurring type. Many adults have time and again been affected because of this virus without even knowing that it is Respiratory Syncytial Virus. It is to be noted that Respiratory Syncytial Virus affects in a severe manner the first time when it attacks a person and is not so heavy during the subsequent infections.

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